I have had anxiety about going to the dentist for years. The staff at Polished Dentistry and Dr. Leslie are so kind and helpful that I’m not afraid of the dentist anymore. My teeth were not good and they didn’t make me feel bad about it at all. They’re helping me fix them without any shame at all. I love this place

Meg D.,

First time having a positive experience at a dentist. The office environment is positive and patient oriented. I have had multiple appointments throughout my treatment plan and I’ve been pleased with all of them. I highly recommend this dentistry, top notch work and outstanding professionalism.

Angelina D.,

I really dread going to the dentist, but I was pleasantly surprised by my recent trip to Polished Dentistry. They were able to get me in the next day when I called for an appointment. Everyone I interacted with was really friendly and professional. Monica did an excellent job on my cleaning and was very up-front and transparent about the potential fees and cost. I’m really happy I found this place and they accept my insurance.

Kelli M., Ballwin, MO

The staff at Polished Dentistry are polite and professional. As a first time patient I was seen by Dr. Leslie and her assistant Monica and have nothing but good things to say. The whole building was COVID-aware and had excellent protections in place for both customers and staff. The technician assisting me was very clear and upfront about what she was doing, what my out-of-pocket fees would be if I chose to accept a procedure, and the purpose for what was being done. No one I spoke with seemed interested in shaming a customer for their less-than-ideal dental practices, which was a huge change from my previous dentist. Recommendations for improvement were stated clearly and we moved on. When they asked me to book a follow-up cleaning in 6 months, I had no hesitation. I would recommend Polished Dentistry to anyone seeking a primary dental care provider.

Alexander H., Ballwin, MO

First you will notice the attitude of the office staff is amazing and upbeat. They all work together seamlessly and make your visit so very pleasant! The dentist was also truly wonderful. While filling a deep cavity for a patient who was nervous and who hadn’t been to a dentist in several years,(me!), she was very careful to make sure I was always comfortable and did not feel any pain!! Dr Smith is also a very skilled dentist. The entire office seems to have an attitude of positivity as do the other dentists there. Do not hesitate to go in and take care of your oral health. They really care about helping you! You wont regret choosing Polished!

Barbara K.,

Great dentist, hygienists and friendly staff. Comfortable atmosphere. Promptly see you at your scheduled appointment time.

Theresa E., Ellisville, MO

What a great office team and atmosphere! My first visit was wonderful and I look forward to receiving the best dental care in the area. If you need a new dental group — this is the one.

Kelley S.,

This is by far the best dentist and office I have ever been to! Everyone that works here is super friendly and the technician and dentist are both super gentle. I would recommend this for anyone who may be hesitant on going to the dentist.

I was putting off finding a dentist when I moved here from out of state but I am so thankful I found polished because they could not have made going to the dentist a more pleasant experience. If I could give 6 stars I would!

Haley B., Winchester, MO

I love this office! I always recommend it when people ask about going to a new dentist or needing a dental appointment. Everyone there is very helpful and will answer any questions you have. I’ve never had a bad experience here. Thank you for being so great!

Martha G., Ballwin, MO

This was my first time using Polished Dentistry and I can honestly say I’ve never has a better dental experience. I highly recommend them.

Casey M., Wildwood, MO