When a filling or other dental service cannot fix a tooth, crowns are a great choice. If the root of your tooth is strong, you can keep the tooth and place the crown on top of the old tooth. Polished Dentistry wants to make sure you are happy with the appearance of your new crown and get your smile looking perfect.

Dental Crowns

Why Use a Dental Crown?

Badly cracked, broken, or worn down teeth can often be past the option of a filling because there is nothing for the filling to hold on to. In these cases, we must use a crown. We put a crown on top of the tooth to give a natural looking appearance and give the tooth strength.

Types of Crowns

There are many types of crowns to choose from at Polished Dentistry. Our doctors will utilize the best crown for your tooth. The types include gold, metal-porcelain, and all porcelain, natural looking crowns.

Crown Procedure

For each patient’s crown, the procedure will differ depending on the type of crown and the state of the tooth. If the tooth is damaged severely, you may need a root canal first. If not, our dentists will start by filling the tooth from the inside to build up the tooth from the inside. Then we will prepare the tooth by making it a smaller version of itself. The dentist will also take impressions, which are used to create your crown. The lab will then prepare your new crown. While you wait for the permanent crown, you will wear a temporary crown. Then in the final visit, the permanent crown will be cemented into place. Crowns look very natural and make your teeth strong for chewing the foods you enjoy.

Interested in Getting a Dental Crown?

If a crown sounds like the right option for you, call Polished Dentistry today for a consultation!

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