Teeth Whitening

Over-the-counter teeth whitening toothpastes and products will only get you so far. It’s time to stop wasting your money on ineffective products and turn to Polished Dentistry for professional teeth whitening services. Not only will you leave our office with a beautiful, shiny smile that will last three to five years, but it will also be easy and painless.

Teeth Whitening Service

Discolored Teeth

So many avoidable and unavoidable aspects of our daily life contribute to our teeth becoming stained and discolored. Certain foods like red wine, tea, and coffee can cause our teeth to get stained. Certain medications and tobacco use also could be the culprit. Age can be a factor as your teeth may just become discolored naturally over time.

Teeth Whitening

The way teeth are usually whitened is by applying a bleaching gel, which contains hydrogen and carbamide peroxide, directly to the tooth’s surface. The gel assists to remove stains, leaving the teeth whiter without causing any damage. Depending on what type of whitening procedure you chose and your specific case, it can take about one to three hours. There are also options for at-home whitening, which takes about 3-4 days to see results and takes about 2 weeks total to see the finished product. Depending on your situation, you may choose in-office whitening, take-home, or both.

Your teeth may be sensitive for up to 48 hours after whitening, but rest assured that our teeth whitening products and services are safe and will not damage your dental health. We only use teeth whitening products approved by the American Dental Association to ensure your safety.

ZOOM!® teeth whitening

ZOOM! Teeth whitening is a service that can be done in-office or at home and can achieve results within one hour. Applying a special gel and using the ZOOM! light helps you achieve beautiful and white teeth in no time!

In-House vs. Take-Home Whitening

In-house bleaching, sometime referred to as laser bleaching or power bleaching, is safe, effective, and the fastest way to whiten your teeth. In-house whitening usually takes about one to three hours and gives an instant result. On the other hand, take-home whitening kits are affordable, effective, and can be done in your home. The take-home whitening process is done by having a dentist take impressions to create custom plastic trays that are then fabricated to fit comfortably in your mouth. You will then fill the trays with the whitening gel and wear them for the allotted time given by your dentist.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Should I Get Professional Teeth Whitening?

Patients who have yellow and light brown teeth or dark brown stains see great results from professional teeth whitening services. Please note that teeth whitening products will not lighten fillings, bonding, or veneers.

Professional teeth whitening is not recommended for patients who are pregnant, have sensitive or damaged teeth, or gum disease.

Interested in Teeth Whitening?

If professional teeth whitening services sound right for you, contact us to set up a consultation with Polished Dentistry today!

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