Dental Problem Treatments

Dental problems are no fun for anyone! At Polished Dentistry, we can provide the treatments to help cure all of your needs. We want to make your life better using our technology and services to treat any dental problems you may have.

Custom Mouth Guards

Custom Mouth Guards

(Teeth Grinding, Athletic)

Teeth can experience a lot of wear and tear from grinding at night or from a sports related injury. It is better to protect your teeth with a custom mouth guard from Polished Dentistry!

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Halitosis Bad Breath Treatment

Halitosis Treatment

Bad Breath

Bad breath is frustrating and bothersome for everyone and almost 80 million people suffer from it! At Polished Dentistry, we’ll give you the resources to fix this nuisance.

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NTI Headache Treatment

NTI Treatment

Migraines & Headaches

If grinding and clenching is causing your to experience headaches and migraines that are harmful to you, you may want to consider a NTI treatment. You will be feeling healthier and happier in no time!

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